“Ego is undeniably the Master of Improv, his spells of banter with the audience showcasing his razor-sharp wit and quirky musings. There are moments that send eyebrows shooting up while a simultaneous roar erupts in the theatre. Ego is clever, entertaining, warped at times but always funny” (Yahoo Entertainment)

“Paul Ego is a really funny man. He spends time genuinely getting to know his audience, turning their answers into immediate fun. He dances on a word and relishes the opportunity to show us how professional, skilled and entertaining a comedian he has become. It is all fun and certainly hits the funny bone of many of the middle NZ audience that fills the Rangatira Theatre at Q to capacity. ‘Amazingballs’ is a skillful and powerful performance by NZ's top professional comedian. One of the highlights of my comedy festival” (Theatreview)

“Paul Ego must be the most relaxed comedian on the circuit. He has also proved to be 7Days quickest wit. He really should have his own fanclub” (NZ Herald)

“Paul Ego does a stand up job of making everyone feel at home. One of the most memorable and intelligent players on TV’s ‘7DAYS’, Ego further solidifies his position as one of New Zealand’s leading comics. This is a show that will leave nobody disappointed” (Keeping Up With NZ)

“It’s said that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but this man can take it and make it high art. Ego had me laughing ’til I cried” (

“Paul Ego’s set went down especially well with the crowd and made up most of the evening’s entertainment. His fast pace, sarcasm and laid back style delighted the audience” (City Voice Wellington)